Bag-in-box is today a popular package for beverage, mainly for wine but can also be used for other types of beverages. It’s therefor important to stand out among all of the other boxes, inspire people, communicate taste, quality an all of your other brand values. It’s about reaching out to the customer in an effective way. We bet that you already have some really good ideas on how you want your bag-in-box to look.

So, how can we make this possible? How does it go from your idea to a tops eller on the shelves? That is where we step in. Some of our largest customers come from the wine industry and therefore we have all the knowledge and equipment we need to develop our unique packaging design. Depending on the volume you need, we can do your bag-in-box in several different sizes. In combination with our high quality offset print, we can use different emphatic surfaces and techniques such as foil, partially glistening varnish or emboss to make your bag-in-box jump right in the customers basket all by itself.