Beverage & Food

Beverage & food

An attractive package sells more and it’s important that your beverage or food stands out among the other products on the shelves. Your package should tell about your product and the statement you want to communicate, help protect your product and ensure that it arrives in perfect condition. We have the technique and knowledge that's needed.

Beverage and food is a perishable with high demands on both the package and not least logistics. It should be able to protect your product during transport, able to support the weight of the product and preferably be easy to carry and open. Beverage is one kind of product that places high demands on packaging strength because it can weigh very much.

To choose the right material is important. Your package needs a strong material for durability and the product needs a material suitable for their conditions so it will stay fresh as long as possible.

Almost all kind of food need to arrive in time and therefore we adapt our production and delivery based on your needs. We produce your food packaging according to the EU requirements on GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice.

Whether it's bag-in-box, shoe boxes, packaging equipment, etc. we can help you to find a cost effective solution for your product that meets your requirements and product. We look at your product requirements and work from there for it to be as good as we possibly can. We have the technique and knowledge that’s needed!