We know packaging

You already know why your products are so good and what values you want them to be associated with. But does the buyer know? Not if you don't tell them!

Your product's packaging is an excellent exposure area where you can communicate whatever you want with the design. With an appealing package, it will become easier to make the customer interested in buying your product. It's all about actively and deliberately communicate the value of your product and to create a relation to the customer. If you succeed with this, we promise that your sales will increase.

Some of the categories we produce packages for:

Beverage & Food

Consumer products



Brand-oriented companies are twice as profitable as other businesses.

Frans Melin, PhD in brand strategy at Lund University,

The competition is becoming tougher and in the jungle among all products, you have to stand out and have a package that catches the buyers interest. As a large part of our buying decisions are based on the products packaging, it's important to spend some time on the package as well. Don't you agree that you rather would pick a product with an appealing package than an uninteresting?

We do not only see your package as a transport box. It's also a sales and brand carrier - and a very good one!

Based on your conditions and ideas we make your product stand out among the competition. With the latest technique, sharpest effects, special paper quality and the best logistics we make this possible! Some of our customers have been able to show a sales increase of 25% after we have developed the right packaging in the overall market strategy.