Our printing technique

We are focusing our business on offset printed cardboard and corrugated cardboard. This technique offer you the same quality in print as there is on magazines and have a finish that withstands to be handled at all stages up to the end user. Our printing press can print in 6 colors + 1 varnish effect at the same drive-through. You can for example have CMYK + two PMS-colors. In this way, you can print the exact color you want in for example your logo. We can use that extra printing unit to further highlight your print and create a package with interesting varnish effects which will bring extra luster and a durable surface.

We can use either water based ink with water varnish or UV based ink with UV varnish depending on what the conditions the product have.
Our printing press can print sheets in the format 920x600 mm – 1620x1200 mm