Packaging design

Packaging design

In close cooperation with you, our packaging designer develops a solution based on a lot of parameters that makes your package a winner. Some of these factors are visual impression, feeling during the opening, protection of product, flexibility in the use for both the person who packs and for the end-consumer and not least the logistics.

We are doing our best to find the best solution for your product so it will be appealing for your target group. Do you already have an existing package that you think needs improvement? We will gladly help you to supplement and develop your package.


In the packaging industry, there is a standard called FEFCO which we often work with. This standard simplifies the communication between you and FrontPac, and may constitute the basis for the design work. With this method you only have to tell us the code number and the size (LxWxH) of your box.

FEFCO International Fibreboard Casecode, contains all FEFCO-boxdesigns with code numbers.