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We're passionate about packaging design and our goal is to create packaging that sells! In close collaboration with our customers we develop solutions that fits both the conditions of the product as well as the customers needs. Read more about how we work and about our designprocess

A part from developing the design we also help you to choose the right material for your packaging. Since there are many different qualities to choose between, we start from your products preconditions. Once the right material is chosen, our packaging designer will design an appropriate proposal on a packaging solution which protects your product. In our offset printing press, we can print up to 6 colors with the opportunity to get nice effects using effect varnish which can be lusterless, glossy or have an uneven finish. Read more about our printing techniques here.    

Besides this we also offer our customers to print with effects such as emboss or foil, amongst plenty of other extras. Adding details like these are the perfect way to make Your packaging truly stand out of the crowd and give it a unique look. 

As a customer at FrontPac You'll also have access to our logistics support including warehousing.