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ProWein 2016

ProWein is a trade fair which is held every year in three different countries. It’s a very popular and international trade fair for people in the wines and spirits business. This is the place where suppliers and producers share knowledge and establish new business contacts. This trade fair is in Germany, Düsseldorf, and we were there with our showcase to show what we can offer in the Bag-in-Box category.

This year, the trade fair had over 55,000 visitors where half of the people came from other countries than Germany and there were 6,200 exhibitors from 59 countries. The exhibitors are producers from all sectors and every quality category in the wine and spirits that want to show the visitors what they are so good at. This makes it to a trade fair that fits everyone! This is also the reason to why we were there with our showcase. We see a huge benefit in being able to make new contacts with companies outside Sweden’s borders. We showed the visitors the option to a glass bottle, which us the Bag-in-Box. This is a kind of package which we have a huge knowledge about since we’ve produced millions of packages of this kind. Bag-in-Box is a great seller at Systembolaget in Sweden, and we wanted to inform the visitors about this. But we don’t only offer Bag-in-Boxes, we can also offer our customers an attractive gift package for their bottle.

We experienced this year’s fair as positive and we have made new contact with some potential customers which we are looking forward to work with.

Next ProWein trade fair in Düsseldorf is the 19-21th of March 2017. We would love to meet you there, and we are sure that you would enjoy this kind of trade fair.