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New box for popular wine

The wine importer The Beverage Group chose FrontPac when they wanted to relaunch their Italian wines. The new box generated a sales increase already in the first month.

Bag in box have revolutionized the swedish wine market. More than half of all wines at Systembolaget are sold in bag in boxes today. The ones who want to be seen on the shelves have to stand out in the crowd. FrontPac is a big supplier of material to bag-in boxes.

– Our Italian wine Castelforte Appassimento was already among the top sellers at Systembolaget. It was already one of the most sold wine in Sweden, but even if you're in the lead, you can't lean back and be satisfied with that. You need to be one step ahead, so when competitors have had time to copy our successful concepts we already develop the next one. Therefore, we turned to FrontPac who have a good sense of how we can do to make a new design that's timely, says Addi Suko, partner of and coo for The Beverage Group, one of sweden's biggest wine importers. 

Print on shiny foil

FrontPac wanted this box to radiate style and elegance and took up a proposal for a strong box made in virgin fiber-based corrugated cardboard from Stora Enso, laminated with a silver foil. The starting point of the decoration is a box totally in silver. It's then printed in opaque white where you don't want to have reflective surfaces and after that you print in CMYK. This this technique allows a number of advantages. The designer will have freedom to choose where the reflective vs. non-reflective surfaces should be, and can also freely choose the color of the reflective areas. One can easily bring forth silver, gold, copper or whatever metallic color you want. There are other options to elicit the same effect, but this is by far the most cost-effective. For example, if you want to have the same effect with classic metal foil you will need expensive tools and intake for every color. And you are also limited in the placement of the different colors.

– We have chosen a strong corrugated cardboard because the strains of the boxes are big during the storage and transport, explains Fredrik Magnusson, responsible for the project at FrontPac. The boxes are loaded on pallets in several layers. They must withstand the strain without being pear-shaped and they can also abrade against each other. Damaged boxes means complaints.

– We notice that our boxes are popular by many new orders. FrontPac has a good reputation on the international market.

Large surface for information

Bag in box is popular in Sweden, as told, more than half of the wine is sold in box at Systembolaget. They are also popular in Germany and the Benelux-countries, the market in France are growing whilst in South Europe it's more doubtful. The boxes also gives a good surface for information and to promote the brand. In Sweden, Systembolaget have to approve all of the packages before they are allowed to be sold.

– Systembolaget are one of the worlds biggest buyer of wine, they have the best sortiment, a working logistic and an enormous competent personnel, said Addi Suko.

Exudes luxury 

The wine from the company were already on top, but the competitors are chasing, so you always have to be one step ahead. Except in Sweden, the wine is also sold in Norway, whilst other suppliers sell in countries such as Germany and Denmark. The wine cost around SEK200 and don't need to be  ashamed of its box. It's fine to put up on the dinner table.

– Our competitors call it the Prada-box. We've noted a sales increase already in the first month, concludes Addi Suko.

For more information contact Fredrik Magnusson (+46 40-691 40 33).

(Bildkällor: Stora Enso/Börje Åhgren)