Terms of sales and delivery

Terms of sales and delivery for FrontPac AB

1. Prices:

All prices quoted are “ex works Arlöv” including packaging (but excluding pallets) if not previously agreed. Taxes and tolls may be incurred. Quotation and order acceptances apply with reservation for eventual taxes, tolls and currency fluctuations. Such increases allow for subsequent adjustments to quoted and agreed prices. The seller reserves the right to over and or under-deliver up to 10% of ordered quantity.


2. Terms of payment:

Payment of deliveries should be received 30 days net from date of invoice, if not otherwise stated on the invoice. When failure to receive payment in stated time, an interest rate of 12% over discount will be charged.


3. Deliveries:

The seller reserves the right to deny previously agreed deliveries, if the purchaser’s ability to pay is in question. Delivered goods should be inspected upon arrival and placed in storage with a suitable temperature and humidity. If the order, through the purchaser’s omission or negligence, cannot be fulfilled within the originally stated time, or within for the work in question, normal delivery time, the seller reserves the right for fair compensation for thereby increased costs and eventual losses.


4. Blanket purchase order:

 If the blanket purchase order does not comply with agreed terms or is postponed without the seller’s prior agreement, then the seller reserves the right to manufacture and invoice according to the original agreement. In such case, if the seller so demands, the purchaser shall procure and finance warehousing and maintain all handling costs. Liability for the goods is hereto transferred to the purchaser at delivery.


5. Revised order; extra labour:

Costs occurred for revision of orders will be invoiced to the purchaser. Additional costs for incomplete background specifications, or changes and, or amendments occurred by request of the purchaser will warrant extra charge.


6. Deviations:

Minor deviations in the materials used or negligible blemishes in print, are not deemed deviations in delivery. If unusable quantities (deviations in gluing or die cutting, transport damage or such like) do not exceed 2% of the entire order, then reclamation is not possible. The seller reserves the right to impose subcontractor’s and suppliers reservations in concern with quality tolerance.


7. Errors:

The seller may not be held responsible for errors and shortcomings in the, of purchaser approved proofs, test prints, test packages and other test materials, neither can the seller be held responsible for errors and shortcomings in deliveries that pertain to proofs or specifications approved of by the purchaser. The seller cannot be held responsible for changes made verbally or by telephone. The purchaser shall within all reasonable limits ensure, by test packing, transport tests and other suitable methods, that the packaging materials used, are suitable for the products that the packaging is designed for. The seller is not responsible for damage of goods that originate once in the purchaser’s care, such as deterioration of readability in EAN codes, the sticking together of products, dehydration, rolling and such like, neither for errors that originate from the packaging process, warehousing of packed products or distribution of said products, neither for damage caused by changes in climatic conditions and other causes beyond the sellers control. The seller’s responsibility for consequences of error is restricted to damage to delivered products and does not include damage to packed goods or any other direct or indirect damage, as is storage or use of products by the purchaser or for any third party or property thereof, regardless of however the damage occurred. Shortcomings and failures in part deliveries do not precede the right to cancellation.


8. Complaints: 

Complaints against completed deliveries should be made in writing, immediately the problem is discovered. Returns should only be made with the seller’s prior consent. Gods are returned at the purchaser’s own risk. The seller is not liable for transport damage and lay responsibility upon the transporter and any compensatory claims should be made directly thereto.


9. Delays in delivery:

War, fire, or other force majeure, strikes, actions of governments or other circumstances that cause stops in production in which the seller could neither foresee nor preclude, allow for necessary extension of delivery dates. The same applies for delays in deliveries due to delays from subcontractors and suppliers for above mentioned reasons. If the occasioned obstacle is of such a nature that it is deemed either impossible, or financially impractical to fulfil delivery, then the purchaser is liberated of the same. The seller, no matter the cause, accepts no indirect responsibility for delayed or failed deliveries, for example, retail losses or damages occurred to third parties. If the reasons for failure of delivery can be related to the above mentioned circumstances, the seller is exonerated of all liability.


10. Proprietorship:

Suggestions, notes, constructions, drawings and diverse quotation documents remain the sole property of the seller and may not, without prior consent, be used by the purchaser or any third party.


11. Printing cards etc:

The seller reserves the right to furnish products with printing cards and other identification embellishments to establish inconsequential rights.


12. Die cutting tools, montage and printing plates:

The seller owns the right to dispose of die cutting tools, montage and printing plates if not used within 3 years.


13. Validity:

Agreements that partially or totally deviate from these terms of sales and delivery, shall, to be binding, be presented in writing.


14. Conflicts:

All conflicts and disagreements concerning the interpretation and application of contracts of agreement, if not otherwise agreed upon, shall be referred to Stockholm Handelskammares Skiljedomsinstitut for judgement according to the institute’s guidelines. Demands due to lack of monetary compensation can however be referred to public courts.


15. Limitation of Liability:

The supplier´s total liability and level of compensation regarding claims, defected products or other liabilities is limited to the value of the delivered product concerned.

16. Warehousing:      

Packages that have not been called off within the agreed time or a maximum of 6 month will be billed immediately, if not otherwise stated on the invoice.  We reserve the right to send the remaining stocks. If not a call-off plan has been established, then the first delivery will come after the finished production. The remaining stock will be send within the agreed stock time.