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Right now, FSC with no extra cost!

As your first packaging manufacturer, we offer all our customers to purchase FSC-certified packaging at no extra cost. Now it's even easier and cheaper than ever for those who want to make an active choice for the people and environment and demonstrate this to your customers. If you don't make that active choice, you let someone else do it for you and consequently let their interests guide.

Swedish consumers are generally very aware of the environment. A studie* shows that almost every swede are choosing one product over another if it's shown to be locally produced. This studie also show us that 20% of swedes are willing to refrain from buying a product in a package that is perceived as non-environmentally friendly, and this number is yet much higher in other countries like the US and India. This shows that it is of highest importance for the seller of a product that the package is perceived as environmentally friendly.

So, how do you show that you have an environmentally friendly package? First of all, if your product allows, have a paper packaging. Paper is considered environmentally friendly, unlike other materials such as plastic or aluminum. But there is also a difference between paper and paper. For example, there is paper made from recycled fibers but also from fibers coming directly from the woods, so-called virgin-fibers. For many people, recycled paper sounds like the most environmentally friendly material, but that is not quite the whole truth. Pper fibers have an average life of 5-7 cycles, from  virgin fiber in the form of for example a magazine or ultimate print liner on an attractive packaging, via a simple recycled office paper or a shipping container, such as toilet paper or egg cartins in the last cycle. Without virgin fiber there is no recycled paper. On FrontPac we believe that the important thing is to choose the right aper t the right packaging - sometimes virgin fibers are required, and in other cases it is enough with recycled fibers.

But whether you choose virgin fiber or recycled based paper for your package there's always a safe choice that is also easy to communicate to the customer. The international organization FSC promotes environmentallyappropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the worlds forests. The brand is well known among consumers as several large companies have chosen to use it, and by the FSC label on your package, you indicate that you:


  • Contribute to stopping deforestation in sensitive areas.
  • Contribute to those who fell timber illegally do not find any buyers.
  • Prefer wood from the forestry that takes into account both people and the environment.

If you choose not to chech where the wood comes from, you allow the interests of others control, oftencrasseconomic interests. At FrontPac we think that this is an important question. We want all our customers to be able to take a better decision, and in a simple way to show this to their customers. Therefore we are now offering all to FSC label their packaging with no extra cost!

*) Packaging 2020, an international studie from 2012 implemented by Innventia.

More about FSC

The world's forests are important for the environment, especially the climate, water supply and access to clean air. The forest are also a source for many goods such as food, medicine, timber and paper fibers. These forest have to be taken care of in a responcible way, for the people, animals and plants. But a lot of timber is felled illegally today, without envornmentally consideration and in a battle with the labor law and the rights of indigenous people.

A counterforce to this type of logging is FSC - Forest Stewardship Council®, an independent and non-profit driven international organization known by such as Greenpeace and WWF. FSC promotes a socially beneficial, environmentally appropriate and economically viable management of the world's forests. The organization guarantees that the paper comes from forests where the logging is adapted to the forests ability to regrowth. A FSC-certification also guarantees that the flora and fauna in the forests are protected and that the forest workers receive training, safety equipment and a reasonable salary. Read more about FSC's work at 

Today you can see this stamp on everything from garden furniture to milk cartons. To have the permission to put this stamp on a product or package, the producing company have to be certified by the FSC with a so-called chain of custody certification. In this way, the producer can guarantee that the product or package comes from FSC-certified forestry or is made of recycled fiber that has been used to the customer before it become paper fiber again. The number of companies that are getting certified to be able to offer their customers an FSC-certified product is increasing.