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Grass fiber packaging for a greener future

FrontPac now introduces the new green arrival: grass fiber packaging. The material is made out of at least 40 % grass seeds in an extremely energy saving process where less than two litres of water per ton is being used (compared to several thousands litre of water per ton for wood pulp) – and is totally free from chemicals.                                                      

Do you have a product that focus on sustainability? Would your company like to signal that you care about the environment? No matter what reason you might have, the grass fiber packaging is an excellent choice to show that you – together with us at FrontPac – take responsibility for a more sustainable (and greener) future.

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Danish company DSV Frø:

”We were looking for a conscious material”

One of FrontPac’s first customers to use the new grass fiber packaging is Danish company DSV Frø who produces and sells a large variety of seeds to the Danish market. Read about their thoughts behind their decisions to use this new packaging material below.

What package solution were you looking for? We were looking for an environmental conscious material since we work with nature. Nature is our biggest resource in making our products! Our main product is grass, so the fit could not be better.

What were your thoughts regarding the packaging?
So it is a series of green and organic products that must stand the distance in the fierce competition in consumer awareness. Therefore, we have designed the packaging so that it signals ecology and contrasted with the conservative and uniform product design that you often see. The products should therefore appeal to those who dare to think a little differently.

How was it to create this new packaging?
There is much to think about - much more than just a flat PDF smeared with pictures and text. But the end result is worth the effort, because there is some joy with a physical product in your hand.


Thanks to Charlotte Dalsgaard, Marketing Coordinator at DSV Frø, for providing us with text. If you would like to read more about DSV Frø please visit